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PVC and PET Heat Shrink Colour Labels

PVC & PET Heat Shrink Colour Labels

PVC & PET Heat Shrink Colour Labels

Blown-PVC / PET-G / OPS / Cast-PVC Shrink Labels have been established as the most preferred method of attractive labeling for any shape and size of the container to give a very attractive look thus increasing the product marketability.

Shrink Labels shrink to the contour of the container which upon shrinkage gives the product not just an attractive or eye-catchy look but also a 360° brand coverage. Bar codes printed on PVC can be easily detected by the scanner and hence is a preferred type of packaging even for mall display and sale.

Our collection of attractive shrink labels can shrink against varied container substrates such as :

  • PP
  • PET
  • HDPE
  • LDPE
  • HIPS

Some of the salient features of our range of shrink sleeve labels include:

  • Enhanced appearance and long-lasting color graphics
  • Perfect labeling for critical and high contoured containers
  • Increases the value of packed products
  • Resistance to dampness and dust
  • Resistance to UV light, sunlight, and good weather ability
  • Prevents counterfeiting and forging

Product Feature

Available in specially formulated blown film and other films like Cast PVC / PETG, these labels are available in body sleeves and cap sleeves as well for any type of container.

A customized hologram strip is embedded in the sleeves to ensure the highest security against counterfeiting and imitation of branded products.

These labels are available in both cut form and roll forms as desired by the customer.